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  A modern-day personnel policy is a cornerstone of our business. We know that the company’s success depends upon the qualifications and professional abilities of the personnel. One method of driving worker motivation is to ensure career growth and material wealth depending upon individual performance and the company’s success overall.

  The employees of "Nevskie Berega" ZAO uphold the principles of deference and the incumbency of older generations, while aiming for continuous education and enhancing qualifications. It should be noted that the company’s growth rates evidence a close connection with the professional growth of our employees.     

  The company’s personnel policy envisages: 
      • education and composition of individual programs for employee professional growth; 
      • the imperative to recognize employees’ successes and achievements and reward them materially; 
      • high requirements to personnel work output are ensured by streamlined organization of workspaces; 
      • demands to discipline are combined with respect for employee rights and lack of any discrimination whatsoever. 

  All of these reasons make possible a healthy team atmosphere, and, as a result, comfortable working conditions.