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  The core area of our company’s activities is the distribution of dairy products. Delivering dairy products under the correct temperature regime is one of the most challenging forms of operation in the logistics system. Our distribution footprint is quite vast, although thanks to the outfitting of our transport vehicles with contemporary refrigerating equipment and recruitment of responsible employees with the highest qualifications, we deliver, on time and without sacrificing quality, all the necessary products to our clients.  

  "Nevskie Berega" ZAO provides expedited delivery to locations in Moscow, Moscow region and Russia’s regions. It should be noted that long distances pose no problems, as the refrigeration equipment installed in our vehicles and those of our logistics partners allows for specializing in the delivery of dairy products. The shipment of perishable goods takes place under a specific temperature regime, unaffected by swings in the outside temperature and distance of travel. Among the boons of the transport equipment are tail lifts installed at our refrigerators, making it possible to work with any ramps and ensure the quickest possible unloading. In addition, every refrigerator has a sanitary passport verifying compliance with the epidemiologic requirements of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation.  

  Any kinds of perishable products (milk, sour milk products, butter, cheeses, etc.) will be delivered to clients within agreed-upon timeframes, in the necessary temperature regime, with guaranteed preservation of quality, under the market rate and to practically any distance.