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  The main specialization of "Nevskie Berega" ZAO is the distribution of milk products and cheeses from the best manufacturers in Russia and Europe to the markets of Central Russia. Over the course of fifteen years the company’s objective – to provide end users with products of superior quality – was successfully achieved.

  At present, apart from commercial activities, "Nevskie Berega" ZAO performs logistics and warehouse operations. We provide transportation services for food products in Moscow and Moscow region, as well as accepting dairy products and other food items for responsible and accountable storage on a contractual basis.      

  The warehouse facilities of "Nevskie Berega" ZAO are located in Pechatniki-Maryino district (SEAD), offering convenient accessibility and all the necessary conditions for mechanical (pallets) and manual loading-unloading of food products, as well as storage of perishable goods. A streamlined system is in place for booking and recording orders, registering all accompanying paperwork and release-acceptance of products.

  Storage units are outfitted with special regimes for various product categories – the inside temperature is maintained between +2°С and +6°С. The warehouse operates around-the-clock, seven days a week (including weekends and holidays). The logistics service of "Nevskie Berega" ZAO operates special transport equipment – vehicles have all the necessary refrigeration units and equipment for the delivery of food products. 

  We offer all partners – commercial organizations and product manufacturers – the full range of logistics and distributor services. Among the services provided to our continuous clients are a personal manager and complimentary delivery of dairy products in Moscow and Moscow region. To learn more about the list of services offered by "Nevskie Berega" ZAO, you can call or write us.

  "Nevskie Berega" ZAO is your reliable and stable partner in the challenging world of business! The company is prepared for mutually beneficial collaboration on a partnership basis. We invite potential clients and product suppliers to a dialogue to lay the foundation for lasting and rewarding partnership.