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  The objective in creating "Nevskie Berega" ZAO (January 1999) was the dissemination in Russia’s central regions of the products under the “Petmol” trademark from St. Petersburg. Thereafter, so as to satisfy consumer demand for quality dairy products (milk, sour milk products, butter, cheeses and more), partnerships were established with OOO Nevskie Molokoprodukty, Soyuzkonservmoloko, JSC Dairy Farm Yanino and JSC Russkoe Moloko – reliable suppliers with whom "Nevskie Berega" ZAO presently cooperates. 

  Beginning from late 2010, the company acquired exclusive import rights to the products of Estonia-based TM PROMILKER. Today "Nevskie Berega" ZAO is the official distributor of the Finnish concern Valio and Danish manufacturer Arla Foods.

  In recent years we have emphasized organics, environmental and bio-products and offered our consumers the eco-friendly products of Russian and foreign manufacturers alike. Since July 2013 we have represented the organic products of Austrian manufacturer Carinthia Milk, quickly winning over Russia’s most demanding consumers through superior quality.