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  Incremental control over the quality of products we provide to the market is the immutable rule of "Nevskie Berega" ZAO. The commercial success, entrepreneurial image and sterling reputation of "Nevskie Berega" ZAO result from the system of ethical values of the company’s management, based on the following principles:

         organization of long-term honest cooperation with all of our clients and providers of dairy products;

         systematic enhancement of service caliber, bringing to the market new types of dairy products, cheeses and more;  

         orienting warehouse infrastructure towards potential clients, developing logistics services.

  And, most important:

         creating all the necessary conditions for proper storage of dairy products; 

         continuous and thorough quality control by our specialists and independent services.

  Lofty threshold standards for the quality of procured products, rigorous control at the stage of storage and sale – all of this lies at the core of our relationships with manufacturers. All of the goods we provide to our clients are accompanied by the full set of necessary paperwork on the conformity of the dairy products to sanitary-hygienic norms and consumer standards.